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The Advanced Academy is entering an exciting time as it begins its next decade of service to gifted students! We are confident that you experienced an enriched educational experience and cherish wonderful memories. The legacy must continue. This year, the Advanced Academy is requesting donations from its alumni. For many of you, the Advanced Academy experience was made possible by generous gifts of scholarship and programming funds from individuals and foundations. This fall (2006) we had one of the largest groups of incoming students. The Advanced Academy does not receive state funding for scholarships and certain activities, thus private financial support is crucial to its continued success. (Learn About Our Recent Fundraiser: RIDEQ 2006). You can invest in the Advanced Academy 's future by pledging your support. Your gift will insure that this program will benefit future students. The economical Graduation Year Giving Program pledge card is available here or note the information below.

Name ______________________________
(including maiden name)

Address ______________________________

City ______________________________

State ____ Zip _______________

Home Phone (including area code) ____________________

Business Phone (including area code) ____________________

Email Address ______________________________

Year of Graduation __________

_____ I would like to take part in the Academy Graduation Year Giving Program*
*Student/Parent gives an amount equal to the student's graduation year (for example 2001 equals 20.01)
In the amoung of: $______________

_____ I would like to donate: $_________________

I woud like my gift to the Academy to be applied to:

_____ The Pat Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund

_____ The Academy Scholarship Fund

_____ Academy Programming Fund

_____ The area of greatest need

Please make checks payable to: University of West Georgia Foundation
Note the fund you choose on the memo line and mail your check and
this completed form to:

Advanced Academy of Georgia
Honors House
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118
Phone Number: 678-839-6636

Thank You For Your Support!

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